Additional Coverage

Like other companies, RCIS offers private insurance policies to add onto your MPCI policy.  Examples are:

  • Revenue Protection Policy Revenue Protection Policy
  • RPowerD                     RPowerD
  • Late Plant Option           
  • Replant Option              Replant Option
  • Added Price Option         
  • Added Revenue Price OptionAdded Revenue Price Option
  • Hail
  • and many others.


Talk to an HIA agent for more information and pricing.  Remember, private add on policies are not government subsidized.

We strive to provide sound, simple advice with a no pressure sales approach for anyone interested in complementing their MPCI strategy. We believe any worthwhile product will be able to sell itself when liabilities are properly presented along with the costs and probability of a claim.


What about all these other companies?

Add on plans can become rather complex.  95% coverage sounds wonderful at the sales pitch!  Amidst all this hype and promotion, lies the cost.  Some agents will sell anything, regardless of the cost to the farmer to boost commissions.  Since federal rules limit our MPCI commissions, there is a large incentive for agents to push add on products that don’t cap commission potential.  The question should now become, “What motivates my agent?”