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Last day to make changes is Monday, March 15!

Do you have any changes you need to make to your policy?

Marital status, address, phone number, signing authority or POA, SBI’s, etc.

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Your current plans are ____________  _____________  ____________

RCIS has many endorsements and various hail plans available.  Every company is slightly different, but for the most part whatever someone else offers we can show you something similar.  More information is available at the website under additional coverage and hail.

There has been interest by some of adding coverage on the top of the 85% level, please talk to an HIA agent if you want to dive deep into the numbers.  There is a subsidized option called ECO- Enhanced Coverage Option, but this (like others) is still very expensive and likely doesn’t pencil out for most producers.  Other agents are offering some variation of a private product and usually this means you have to have a maximum payout once every 3 years just to break even.

If you have added land or are planning to add land please let us know so we can get it added to your APH database and also mapped.  This includes acres, section, township.  Do you think it’s possible to add land in another county after march 15 where you don’t currently have a policy?  Make sure that the primary county designation is filled in.

Did you know your map book contains a lot of information?  Included with your book you will find maps of each unit, yield history database, and policy information like coverage type and level.  These books are especially nice to take in the planter or combine to keep records as you go.  The yield history database is really handy when needing prior years yields for FSA programs.  Please look over your yield history to make sure it is accurate or if a recent year needs to be updated.

Now is a great time to look at Written agreements, this is where you need to make special amendments to your policy that aren’t in actuarials or you wish to insure a crop that is not currently available in the county.

With current high prices on CBOT, you can expect higher coverage levels with your revenue products.  With more dollars being covered, this also translates into higher premiums.  Keep an eye on the new crop prices during the month of February or check our website for updated MPCI prices.  We can do some accurate quoting towards the end of February, especially if you tell us your planting intentions and have your 2020 yields reported.  Nothing is official until the schedule of insurance is sent out after an acreage report.

We understand not everyone wants to come to the office with current Covid restrictions.   We can always send out information in the mail or email.  It is a good practice to call ahead to make sure we are at the office. An easy way for signatures and to use less paper is to sign up at RCIS.com for the producer portal.

We are trying to get better communication with you in a way that is easier, so please provide us with an email that we can send out an e-newsletter.  Also, make sure we have your cell phone number with the provider (verizon, AT&T, etc) so we can send out text alerts of deadlines and important time sensitive information.  We will not overwhelm you with information, we just want to get the important stuff to you quicker. 

HIA email – HaugenCropIns@gmail.com

Visit our website for more information and for the updated prices.  We also have links there for some of the FSA programs such as the PLC/ARC decisions.  


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