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Our offices are open for business. We rarely have more than a couple people inside at a time, so we don’t feel crowding or distancing will be an issue. The company has also relaxed signature guidelines, so we can perform a lot of services over the phone too. Scan (take a picture) and email or text is another good option. We can also e-sign many of our documents now through producer portal. It’s really simple to use as long as you have an email address and your policy is set up with your SSN and not an EIN.

You are free to manage your business here in whatever way you feel is best for you. We will accommodate you to ensure the safety of all.


Acre certification for both crop insurance and USDA is due by July 15 th . If you have not already reported, please contact us on how you would like to report. If you would like to fill out the form yourself, we can email or
mail one to you.


We offer all sorts of hail products and add-on wind coverages. Take the time to discuss this now – it costs the same in June as it does in August! We can mix and match all sorts of plans to fit your strategy.


Any replant claim must be reported prior to reseeding. If an adjuster has not given you approval to replant, the claim will be denied. A lot of replant claims can now be done with self-certification, which eliminates the need to see an adjuster in person (still doesn’t eliminate the prior approval requirement).


Those with revenue protection should keep this in mind at harvest time. If the fall price is set below these values and your yield is near the bushel guarantee on your policy, it could still trigger a claim.
Corn $3.88
Soybean $9.17
Wheat $5.56


Any claim must be turned in within 72 hours of discovery or 15 days from the final harvest (by unit). It is very important if you’re on optional units to call in losses as you finish harvesting each field.


Bin markings and load counts are practices that should be used when combining production from different units in farm storage. If you are commingling with a previous crop year, the bin MUST be measured by an adjuster first.


If you plan on chopping silage, either yourself or selling to a neighbor, we need to enter this as a claim prior to starting so an adjuster can give approval.

Visit our website for more crop prices, details, and updates. The hail tab on our website explains the different endorsements and some of the terms. RCIS also offers online bill pay with the link from our site.

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