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Wednesday, March 15th is the final day to change most insurance coverage options. Now is the best time to ask us questions regarding any type of insurance you may be interested in for 2017. 

Remember to check your insurance status if there has been a change in your household or farm management. Each policyholder must declare anyone with at least a 10% share as a substantial beneficiary – this includes spouses. Claims can be reduced or even denied if your policy does not accurately reflect the structure of your agribusiness operation. 


The spring (base) price will be set using the February average of each new crop futures. 

CORN (DEC) = $3.97*

SOYBEAN (NOV) = $10.22*

WHEAT (SEP) = $5.67*

*incomplete tracking – prices reflect average through Feb 16 

Prices and policy provisions are very similar to last year’s at this time. The back side has some basic estimates for 2017. The content is a good starting point to compare and contrast various levels and unit structures. 

Our website has more prices and information. If you want to know the current price for organic soybeans in MN, just click on haugeninsag.net and its right there on the homepage. 


New locations for both offices! Remember to visit us at our new buildings. Tim’s Ortonville office is now in the Big Stone Fitness Center building. Pete can be found in Madison inside the Erickson Chevrolet building along Hwy 75. 

Beginning Farmer and Rancher If you have recently started farming, this program will be worth signing up for – and this must be done by March 15th. 

Free map books are available to all clients – See Tim or Peter for a copy. Using the book makes planted acre reporting a snap! 

Specialty crops are becoming more popular. Let us know now if you plan on raising any unique varieties or contracted crops. You may qualify for increased bushel prices and separate units. 

Missing APH forms. If you have not reported your yields from 2016 please fill out your form and return it or stop in with your numbers  so we can update your farms for accurate quoting.


Planting periods for Western MN counties are charted below. Any seeding prior to the first plant date annuls replant coverage. 

CORN = April 11 – May 31

SOYBEAN = April 21 – June 10 

WHEAT = March 21 – May 15 


Hail, hail production, wind, replant, and many other plans are available through us. While our agents prefer to focus on the subsidized multi-peril policy, we absolutely recognize the value of a justified, complementary plan. We do suggest all Enterprise Units carry a supplemental policy that can cover each optional unit separately. 

Some options have to be signed by March 15th, so now is the time to coordinate any extra hail/wind/price coverages you may desire. 


On Wednesday, February 22, we will be hosting an open house at Tim’s office in Ortonville from 2-5 PM. The Madison office will host Thursday, February 23 from 1-6pm. There will be no informational meeting this year, but we will be highlighting some new tools at the open houses – one of which is digital signatures through RCIS.com. We can demonstrate how utilizing this new service can get your claims paid faster yet. 2017 POLICY We still try to make this easy! Remember, if someone or some agent is bragging about this plan or that option, there’s probably a good reason why you didn’t hear about it from us! 

● Supplemental Coverage Option is not available to those who signed up for ARC payments. 

● Yield Exclusion doesn’t apply to major row crops in our area. 

● Add-on policies that increase yield and price guarantees are typically far too expensive to be considered a practical purchase. 

● If anyone is still attempting to force hail production plans on you, come see us about a much better alternative hail strategy 


Madison 320-598-3332            Ortonville 320-839-2896

Peter  320-894-0747                    Tim 320-305-1315

Duane  320-226-5056


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